Pride Month: Is Your Vendor Gay Friendly?

Do you have a dream vendor that you want to get married at, aren’t sure if its gay friendly? Well, we are here to help you ultimately make the decision and guide you through a worry-free path! Conducting proper research, as well as contacting your list of venues that you have created will promise you and your partner a great time. Less stress equals a better time! So, why create unnecessary weight on your shoulder when simply selecting the location for your wedding?

The stress you may imply on yourself can be quite overwhelming when choosing your wedding vendor. Why? Well, there is always a chance that a vendor may not allow a same sex marriage. For the whatever reason this may be the case, we don’t want you to have to experience that situation. By going online and searching for vendors that promise you that they are gay friendly is an action everyone should take. We want you to have this to be a minimal effort, as well as trusting the process.

Finally getting to the asking the vendor part may be a tad nerve racking at first. To ease the task, browsing the vendors photo page is a start, check to see if they have any other gay wedding photos or something that can show they’ve had some in the past. Secondly, try to read their language. Seeing how the company promotes their selves and discusses the events, that may be a good reading when considering them as a potential candidate. Thirdly, check for blogs! Blogs are a very good way to read and get a more personal understanding of the vendor.  A few other quick ways would be to check their social media, as well as, seeing if they are certified. We want this process for you to be as easy as possible, so why stress the little things!

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