Pride Month: Subtle Pride Decor

Are you unsure of how to decorate your LGBTQ wedding? This pride month, we will be talking about pride decor and keeping it subtle! It is important to be proud of your relationship and to stay true to who you are. Showing off your pride during your wedding and wedding reception are acceptable and even encouraged. However, there are ways to keep your LGBTQ wedding from becoming a full-blown rainbow extravaganza!

The last thing you want for your wedding is an explosion of rainbow pride filling the room. It is best to keep any rainbow or multi-colored accents subtle and tasteful. One subtle way to incorporate color is to accent your table decorations. Multi-colored flowers or rainbow ribbon adds a splash of color to any part of your tables’ centerpieces. In addition, another way to incorporate a subtle showing of your pride would be to include a rainbow-colored cake. Making the inside layers represent a rainbow, this is an eye-catching addition to your wedding that won’t go overboard.

Another large portion of your wedding reception that can benefit from more color is the cookie or candy table. Having an array of colorful cookies for your guests will take the cookie table from bland to bold. Additionally, including a candy station with multi-colored candies can incorporate a bit of sweetness to your big day. Lights on the dance floor can represent the colors of LGBTQ pride. Furthermore, adding subtle colors to your attire using pins, ties, or flowers, brings rainbow accents into your wedding and reception.

Just remember, there is no official design to your LGBTQ wedding so feel free to have it however you desire. Likewise, everyone there is supporting you and wishing you a joyful life. But you don’t want to be over the top and potentially make your guests feel uncomfortable. As long as you are happy and the venue is pretty, it will reflect well on your big day.

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