Deciding how you and your partner walk down the aisle is an important aspect of your wedding. Here are some ideas to change things up!

The way a couple walks in traditional weddings is almost always the same. They begin with the groom waiting patiently at the altar for his bride while she walks down the aisle. However, what happens when your wedding involves a same sex couple? Should you both walk together? Do you both stay at the altar? Do you meet up half way down the aisle?

The answer is simple: Do whatever you want to do! If you both want to walk together, go for it! If you want to have one person walk down the aisle, that works too! Ultimately, do whatever you think will work best for your wedding! Some other ways of walking down the aisle include using two aisles, meeting halfway, and the communal entrance.

If the venue allows, the two-aisle entrance is perfect to give both you and your spouse the spotlight at the same time! This would involve you and your partner walking simultaneously down two separate aisles then meeting at the altar. Also, if using this method, be sure to have enough photographers to capture images on both sides!

The communal entrance is another creative way of starting your ceremony. With this method, there is no need to worry about who starts the ceremony or who walks down the aisle. Before the ceremony, all guests and wedding party members will be mingling. Whenever you and your partner are ready, just make your way up to the altar and get the ceremony started!

Finally, its most important to remember that these decisions are ultimately yours. This is a choice for you to make with your partner for your wedding day! You should decide which method is best for you and your partner on your big day. Work together to pick the style that represents your relationship best.

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