Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Having activities and games during your bridal shower only enhance the experience. Depending on the style and theme you selected to go with there is something for everyone. Try utilizing ideas such as games, crafts or even social media activities! This way, you don’t have to feel like your guests are there just to ooh and aah over your new dinnerware.

Traditional Games

There are soo many game options to choose from when planning your bridal shower activities. Some traditional favorites are Bridal Bingo, where instead of bingo you use Bride. Instead of numbers you can choose wedding theme decals or even list fun facts about the Bride and Groom.

Another fun and sometimes surprising game is Purse Raid. Before the shower, create a list of items you may have in your purse. It may start off innocent but you never know what your friends may have in their purses so have fun and get creative. During the game, call out the list of items and the first guest to pull that item from their purse wins! The results from this game never surprise us!

Social Media Activities

Most everyone is on social media so why not include a hashtag to commemorate your special day online! If you are thinking about using the scavenger hunt idea to have your friends’ post selfies online leading up to your bridal shower just continue the fun during your shower. The locations and items retrieved during the scavenger hunt may only mean something to you guys but image how much fun it will be! From the time the save the date and invitations go out start having fun with your family and friends and get excited about your wedding day!

Professional Lessons

If you have always wanted to take cooking classes what a better time to learn?! This is a great bridal shower activity if you have a smaller bridal party. Have a professional come to you or visit their restaurant. This idea aso works great for bartending classes!

Instead of you doing the work yourself, you can always consider having a stylist or beautician come to your house to pamper you during your bridal shower. This is also a great idea for small bridal parties.

There is a list of professional services that would be a great idea in place of games at your bridal shower. Think outside of the box and go for it!


Whichever route you choose, be sure you have a perfect keepsake to remember your bridal shower. Have your guests leave you and your soon to be hubby with some words of wisdom or date night ideas. These are fun and personalized craft ideas you can use as bridal shower activities. What a fun and creative keepsake to have from your bridal shower!

Remember, this is a gathering of your loved ones to celebrate this exciting time in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy your bridal shower!

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