Educational Wedding Knowledge

How much should good entertainment cost?

One question we definitely get asked the most is, “How Much?!” Well before you just ask how much for your Wedding DJ, ask yourself, “How important is the Entertainment for my Big Day?” Does the DJ you’ve hired have proper insurance for your Venue, or back up equipment on site if anything goes wrong? For quality, professional entertainment that will keep your guests engaged through the evening be more flexible in your budget.

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Who should we listen to for honest Reviews & Referrals?

Who would be a better judge of successful events other than your venue? Your venue wants your event to be a success, which is why they offer a Preferred Vendor List. The venue is putting their reputation on the line with giving you their recommendation. Why would they offer you anything mediocre?

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How should we layout our reception timeline?

Don’t give your guests all of the memorable moments of your reception as soon as they sit down for dinner. If you have great entertainment for your Big Day your entertainer will spread your main events throughout your timeline. Build the anticipation and keep your guests engaged in your reception by giving them something to look forward to as the evening goes on.

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How do we make sure our guests are going to be Entertained?

Any Professional Entertainer is simply there to enhance your Special Day. At Wenning Entertainment, we take the lead from you and adapt to your specific needs. Would you like an Entertainer that is interactive and teaching line dances to your guests? Or are you looking for an Entertainer that is more laid back and formal? Either way we will be sure that your guests are engaged throughout the evening and having a great time enjoying the Celebration of your Wedding Day.

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