Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Any professional DJ is going to ensure that his (or her) setup is clean and doesn’t have loose cables coming from every direction. But have you ever thought about taking that setup to a new level? A DJ Façade can make the appearance of the DJ table extremely sleek and elegant. The façade will conceal the entire table giving the traditional DJ setup an entirely new look! These are not your usual façades with the simple one color black or white fabric. You can choose to customize this lightweight fabric with the color of your choice in addition to adding anything from lighting, text with your names and special wedding date, or even your wedding day logo actually printed on the fabric. This style of façade can be a huge addition to the décor at your venue. If you choose to customize your façade it can be a great background for candid photos of your evening and you even get the fabric back as a really cool gift from your wedding day. There are a ton of Do-It-Yourself ideas that you can create to showcase this keepsake around your home after the wedding. Consider using a customized DJ façade to enhance the venue décor for your upcoming event!

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