Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

It goes without saying that you will be kind of busy during your wedding day. You should be able to enjoy your special day without having your wedding photographers trying to get in touch with you. Assign someone you trust and who knows specific details about what is going on during the day to be your go-to person. You will want to have a go-to person for both the bride and groom. This person should preferably be someone that can stay in contact via text and will stay relatively sober throughout the day.

There are certain shots your photographers will need to have in order to complete your album so staying in contact during the different stages is both essential and tedious. Why bother yourself with trying to maintain order and communication with various vendors? By designating someone to take on this task you will be able to enjoy everything about your wedding day. Your photography staff will be able to text or call the go-to person to see where the bride is while getting ready. Is makeup done, will she be getting into her dress soon? This will also come in handy when traveling from the church to the photography site. Once everyone has arrived at the reception that go-to person will have completed their tasks and can now enjoy the evening along with everyone else.

Take a peek at some wedding photos from Sarah and Megan here. Stop back next week for more wedding planning tips!

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