Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Wedding Planning Misconception: Planning is ALL fun with ZERO stress

The truth is, planning your big day can be one of the most stressful times of your life! Now, we don’t say this to scare you, just being realistic. We want you to understand that there are many fun aspects of planning your wedding. There are also going to be times that you wish that you would have just eloped!

Everything from decór, attire, guest list, food and alcohol. There are many details involved in making your day go off without a hitch. Not to mention the fact that this is most likely your first (and only) wedding you will have to plan. While we cannot promise to keep all details of planning your wedding stress free, we certainly try our best. Most professional vendors will have online planning tools to make things easier for you during the planning process.

Online Planning

Gone are the days of putting pen to paper. When you book your DJ with Wenning Entertainment you have access to an online planning site to help you stay organized. Our clients receive their own username and password to access the site. This is where you can list song selections, timeline details and bridal party/parent names. You will have separate online planning forms to complete if you book a photographer/videographer. Here is where you will list your various shoot locations and shots not to be missed. 

Not only will you have all of your information online for your DJ to see, but in the case of an emergency and someone needs to step in as a backup they will be able to know exactly the details you want for your wedding without needing to contact you at the last minute.

Relax & Enjoy

There will be some give and take as you plan for your wedding day. Just remember, at the end of all of the planning you will be joined with your best friend in front of the people that mean the most to you and have a rockin’ party to celebrate! Everything will seem like a blur so try to take some time to breathe and enjoy the moment. It will all seem to go slow at first and then extremely fast. So try to remember to take a moment to soak it all up!

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