Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

It can be difficult to plan a wedding when you have a lost loved one that you wish were there to share this special time with you. Here are a few ways to incorporate those loved ones into your wedding day without bringing down the mood on your extraordinary occasion.

Not all couples choose to do this, but if you have loved ones that have passed away or cannot attend your wedding because of distance or military duties then there are a few ways to honor those that are there in spirit and would share this time with you if they could.

Here are different ideas from your ceremony through reception and even ways to honor your passed loved ones without everyone knowing.

  1. Compose a tribute in the ceremony program
  2. Create a photo collage or photo table
  3. Say a prayer for loved ones with candle lighting for memorial during unity ceremony
  4. Place a photo of your loved one in a locket on your bouquet
  5. Make a toast in honor of, or share a fun memory with your guests
  6. Wearing something that belonged to them; a handkerchief or a piece of jewelry
  7. Wrap neckties they have worn around the bridal party bouquets
  8. Incorporate their favorite flower into your floral design
  9. Shoe charms are trendy; position a photo of your loved one on your shoes
  10. Utilize cultural traditions such as a special dance or prayer

Whatever route you choose be sure that it is something meaningful to you and be mindful that this is a gentle subject. Some of your guests may not have known the deceased and others may be reminded of how painful it is that the loved one is no longer there which can change the tone of your wedding day. You want to be careful because it is definitely important to think about what emotions you want provoked at your wedding and how others will feel.

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