Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

All month long we will be joined by Jodi Colella, from Wedding Flea Market, to discuss ways to save you money before the wedding and tips to make money after.

Now that you decided to attend a Wedding Flea Market in an attempt to resell items, what should you consider bringing? It is important to know what does not sell, so you are not disappointed, once there.

In general, the following do not garner as much attention as other items/decor: rings, shoes and undergarments/dresses. Shoes generally look worse for wear after a few hours and rings are awkward to resell in any capacity, since there is a lot of emotional connection to such an item.

Lastly, people have an aversion to second hand items that have been worn, plus most brides want to have a “Say Yes To The Dress” moment when shopping for a wedding dress.

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