Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

All month long we will be joined by Jodi Colella, from Wedding Flea Market, to discuss ways to save you money before the wedding and tips to make money after.

Now that you saved all this money on your wedding decor, after attending a Wedding Flea Market, what do I do with the extra money? Simple. Apply those funds towards quality vendors such as: Caterer, DJ/Live Band and or Photographer. This investment will ensure you are cultivating the best experience for you and your guests.

Often times Brides/Grooms get caught up in overthinking about decor, however, little effort is placed on selecting the appropriate vendors, that will enhance your special day. Having saved money, you can now reallocate funds, appropriately.

Keep in mind, guests are not likely to remember your centerpiece, however, will remember if the food and or entertainment was bad.

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