Pittsburgh AV Rentals

Needing a projector and screen? How about a portable PA system? Even multiple LED TV’s around your event? Wenning Entertainment has everything you could ever need!

We have a wide list of equipment for special event rentals such as, TV’s, Screen and Projectors, PA Systems, Press Feed Box, Podiums, Wireless Microphones, and many more.

To make sure your event is stress-free, we can come in and set everything up and make sure it is all in proper working condition for your event. We can also offer a tech to stay at your event to ensure nothing goes wrong. Just in case someone turns OFF the microphone switch and starts to panic! Don’t worry – we’ll be there to help!

So next time you need to rent equipment for your function, don’t rely on that guy in cubicle 6 that knows a guy that knows a guy. Call Wenning Entertainment so we can make your event a breeze!

Below is just a Small List of what we have to offer for A/V Rentals…

  • Lekos
  • Custom Monograms
  • Pin-spoting
  • Moving Heads
  • LED Curtain (RGB)
  • Studio Lighting
  • Movie Set Lighting
  • Wireless / Battery Opperated RGBA & RGBAW+UV Uplighting
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