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Continuing Education
Our company takes pride in our Education and we are always furthering our knowledge on taking your event to the next level.
Trust our experienced staff to handle your next event.

Most Referred Entertainment Company

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There are over 55 vendors referring Wenning Entertainment in Pittsburgh, PA. Even more around the country. We take pride when we work with vendors to ensure we are all on the same page for your big day.

Backup Equipment & Personnel

We Got You Covered!
We carry backup equipment to every event we go to and we have backup personnel that is from our company. Others may outsource their backup through associations or sub-contractors, but we use our own staff. Why have a “Maybe” on your big day?!

Online Planning

Throw out the Paper!
You can plan your wedding from your iPhone, Tablet, or even your Personal Computer. You can enter songs you want to hear as a ‘Must Play’ or list songs for your “Do Not Play” list. We also go over your Timeline and the proper annunciation of your
bridal party names.

82% is your DJs responsibility in making your reception a success!

Here are some ‘One Minute Highlight Films’ of some recent Weddings we have Performed at!

We offer some of Pittsburgh’s Only Professionally Trained Wedding DJs in Pittsburgh.

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect dress, perfect cake, perfect hall, and perfect groom (can’t forget about him); it’s time to find the perfect DJ. This is where we come in; it’s your day and you’ve done your part. Now, leave it up to us to the company that has been VOTED Best DJ in Pittsburgh, PA. We have been in the business since 1993.

At Wenning Entertainment, we offer a wide range of music—from the Doo-Wops to the modern Top 40. Likewise, we carry all professional equipment and lighting supplies, as well as a wireless microphone. With equipment such as this, we can honor any request! Also, we’re also the ONLY DJ Company in Western PA that is professionally-trained. Our entire staff has studied at the FAME DJ School. Because your wedding day is so important, we want nothing to ruin it—not even a piece of equipment. That’s why we carry backup equipment to every event and have back up personnel on call. And, although we normally wear tuxedos, we can dress to fit any theme or event. As per your request, we can also carry party props to all our functions to make the night interactive and even more special for your guests. For the experience of a lifetime call us today!

All of our pricing for Disc Jockeys Start at $1,200 and goes up from there.


How Much Do You Charge?

How much do you charge for a wedding? This is how most phone calls to wedding professionals start. There are so many components that go into giving a bride a cost for their specific services that without gathering more details about your event we cannot give you accurate pricing! I’d like to provide you with some questions to ask and answer before you begin with, “What’s your price?” As a result, you’ll get the wedding you really want as opposed to the one you end up with because you didn’t know what to ask or because price was your main concern.

Read before you ask "How Much?!"

Watch this Video about Pricing…

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Don’t let a Hobbyist Ruin one of the Most Important Days of Your Life!

Do you realize now more than ever it is so Easy to “Become a DJ?” Any Amateur can now fool the modern day bride with a Nice Website and some Fake Reviews. Don’t let a Hobbyist Ruin one of the most important days of your life. Watch this video to help you with all the right questions to ask!

Are you a First Time Bride?

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We have a TON of FANS / Awesome Clients!

Over the 26 years in business we have performed at over a Thousand Weddings so far. We believe in 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Here are just a couple of peoples thoughts on our service.

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Here is a Look back at some of our past events!

This is a Highlight Film of just Some of the Events we have Performed at in the past! We had a Blast at these Events and we wanted to Share this with you!