Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

The idea of serving a signature cocktail at your wedding is becoming more and more popular. Almost any drink can be designed to reflect a color theme or current season.  While creating a signature cocktail may seem like another item on your already extensive To-Do List, it will showcase your personality and make a “splash” with your guests! This unique signature cocktail drink idea is a great way to represent a personal touch from the newlyweds. Of course, offering an open bar may seem like it would make your life easier, but serving a signature cocktail can be far more cost effective then stocking a full bar. And besides, who doesn’t like a good mixed drink, especially one that will carry memories of a great night for years to come? Enhance your guests experience by offering a non-alcoholic signature cocktail along with your beer and wine selections. With all of the attention to detail given to this magical day, the elements that your guests will remember most are the food, the music and the beverages! Don’t overthink things!

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