Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

A wedding is a classic event where simple special décor lighting design can usually go a long way. When you think you need more, maybe less is actually what you are looking for. Try some of these lighting design styles to add to the special décor on your upcoming big day!


A monogram is a timeless way to illuminate the dance floor at your wedding. Often couples display their names or initials on the wall or dance floor but don’t forget you have options in this area also. For an added interior decoration, try a monogram that matches your theme, snowflakes for a winter décor or even your personalized wedding logo!

Intelligent Lighting

As the evening goes on these lights will give amazing complex effects. These lights are also known as moving heads since they have automated abilities more advanced than a stationary light.

Up-Lighting & Down-Lighting

These styles of lights will add an effect to whatever they are shining on! Down-lights will transform your chandeliers while up-lights are used for walls and sconces. Not all venues are able to use pinspot lighting for tables and centerpieces. Using LED up-lights will give you the same effect without changing your centerpieces!

Get The Right Look

Try adding lighting to give you the perfect look. Sometimes simple can be just enough!

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