Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Since it is finally October and getting close to Halloween we will be having fun with everything that is spooky and scary.  Have you ever wondered where the main wedding traditions originated from?  This month we will be talking about several different traditions and how there was a sinister start to them.  Here is the terror tale of the veil!

The terror tale of the veil originated in the early Roman time period.  The idea of wearing a veil was to protect the bride from evil spirits.  They thought that the bride was vulnerable to enchantment and took every precaution necessary. The veil wasn’t always white like today’s tradition.  It was actually flamed-colored to scare off those spooky spirits.  However, there were also several reasons as to why the bride wore a wedding veil.

According to many other historians, the bride wore a veil to hide her face from the groom.  Why would she do that? The family of the bride was worried that the groom wouldn’t be happy with her looks right away.  While this was covering her face, the groom didn’t have the opportunity to see what his wife looked life till it was to late. The veil saved everyone some embarrassment in the short term.

Many religious historians also believed that the bride wore a veil as a sign of humility and respect for God during a religious ceremony. The Victorians turned this into a status symbol which in today’s traditions still occurs.  The archaic customs were formally put into proper weddings from there on out.  The weight, length, and quality of the veil were all signs of the bride’s wealth.  Only royal brides had the longest veils that were several yards long which touched the floor behind her.

Next time you go to a wedding, look at the veil and think that this was created to fight off evil spirits during the ceremony. Now that you understand this spooky tradition, how long will your veil be at your wedding?

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