Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Our focus this month will be on Vendor Etiquette. Sometimes you don’t know what questions to ask when it comes to vendors, allow us to give you insight, on a few questions pertaining to vendors.

This week we discuss vendor meals. What is that? Something you likely didn’t think about during the planning process. It is customary to offer your vendors, participating in your big day, a warm meal. By no means are you required to serve the same food as your guests, however, the venue should be able to prepare a meal for your DJ, Photographer, Wedding Planner and anyone else working your ceremony/reception.

Keep in mind vendors are working hard to ensure your wedding is perfect. Often times, vendors can barely slip away to use the restroom, let alone sit down to eat. Feeding your vendors, ensures they have the energy needed, to provide you with their best services. Eating with their hands is not ideal, since their equipment can get messy, afterwards.

Talk to the vendor providing the catering, to determine what options are available, for vendor meals.


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