Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Having a videographer for your wedding will put the motion to the memories so that you can relive them whenever you like. But, have you ever thought of the reasons why you may need 2 wedding videographers to fulfill your video dreams?

Here are some reasons why you need 2 wedding videographers:

Having more cameras is a safer option! You never know when a battery could die, the memory card is corrupt, or a guest could stand up right in front of the couple’s first kiss. So, if any of these things happen, no they don’t! You have another videographer recording from a different angle getting the shot.

Both videographers will be capturing things differently. One will have a wider lens to capture the crowd’s reactions. The other will have a tighter lens that helps get the close-ups and reactions. Put these together and you get a beautiful, cinematic wedding video.

When there is more than one videographer there, there is a chance that they could capture more unique or riskier shots that could end up being beautiful.

Hiring two videographers will make your wedding video more comprehensive. Videographers are not superhero’s and can’t be in two places at once, so don’t be stuck picking between the moments you want to relive.

These are some examples of some things you may have to choose between:

  • The bride and groom getting ready

Most likely, the videographer will be with the bridal party capturing their mimosas and hair and makeup sessions. That means while the groom and groomsmen are hanging out and getting ready, no one will be there to film them. This is where the second videographer comes into play

  • The first look or the ceremony location

Now, one sounds more important than the other, but filming the venue before the guests arrive is essential. The venue sets the tone for your wedding film and it helps the videographer get the audio prepared so that you’ll be able to hear your vows. Be sure you don’t have to pick between the first look and clear audio

  • The decision between the bride’s entrance or the groom’s reaction

This is obviously one of the biggest moments of the day, so having both of these moments captured is very important! You don’t want to have to choose, so it’s better to have both

Having more than one videographer is so important too because anything that can go wrong usually does.

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