Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

I know how important it is to impress your wedding guests on your big day, but the amount of things that your guests DO NOT care about will shock you! There are a few things that you should put your time, effort, and money into, but some things you don’t need to splurge on. Here are the top things that your wedding guests do not care about, A.K.A. where not to spend a lot of money.

Things wedding guests care about

The invitations (shocking, I know)

Invitations end up in the garbage or recycling bin way faster than you would think. So, instead of splurging on them, there are cheaper alternatives! Try getting them made at Target, Walmart, Shutterfly, or you could get them handmade by a small business on Etsy.

Things wedding guests care about

Wedding programs

Does this need an explanation? There a thing of the past, so leave them there.

Things wedding guests care about

Top-shelf alcohol

Let’s be honest, at weddings, people don’t care what alcohol is available; they care if it’s free and if there is a lot of it! There are more affordable ways to stock the bar for your big day. You could pick the option that doesn’t include top shelf alcohol, or you could try the option that’s just beer and wine if your guests aren’t picky.

Things wedding guests care about

Crazy escort card displays

They make a great photo opt for your guests to get pictures for their Instagram’s, but other than that, they’re really unnecessary and can become an extra cost.

Things wedding guests care about

Extra amenities

Some people put so much into decking out their entire venues, even the restrooms, but don’t do that! Keep it simple and have things people might actually need like a bathroom amenity basket or personalized napkins because your extra efforts may go unnoticed.

Things wedding guests care about

Aisle décor

Your aisle décor really depends on where your ceremony will be held, but your venue may not need a ton of décor for the knot tying. Sticking to highlighting the alter or arch may really compliment the place without costing you extra.

Things wedding guests care about

The linens

Listen, does anyone really pay attention to the tablecloths at the reception? I know I don’t! At the end of the day, you won’t even want those tablecloths, runners, or napkins that you paid extra for. As long as they match the color palette and are pretty, your guests won’t care.

Things wedding guests care about

Bouquet toss

Now this one is up to your personal style, but they’re old fashioned and the trend has been dying out in the recent years.

Things wedding guests care about

Wedding favors

Please, please, please do not give out engraved champagne flutes or custom candles, I beg of you! Those are a thing of the past, and they should also stay there. Try doing something like sweet treats for after the reception, those are always great. Or, you could even donate the money put towards favors to a charity of your choice, and that will definitely be a widely received gesture.

Things wedding guests care about

Long ceremonies

Keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it simple. Guest will be so excited to watch the couple profess their love for each other since that is the whole point but keeping the ceremony around 30 minutes or less will keep everyone happy!

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