Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

I have a quick quiz for you before the article begins, so True or False: It’s okay to give a couple their wedding gift for up to a year after their big day (the answer will be revealed later).

Anyways… SEND THAT GIFT!! Couples already have enough to worry about on their wedding day, so don’t bring a gift that they need to keep track of.

Buying a wedding gift

The perfect timing

As for actually buying your gift, it’s recommended to do it as soon as you receive the URL to the couple’s registry site! This is usually about 4-6 weeks before their wedding date. Getting on the site ASAP will help find a gift that suits your budget, and you might even be able to find something with a special meaning. Sometimes, the couples are even relieved because that is one less thank you card they have to write after the wedding.

Buying your gift closer to the wedding date can have some kinks to work out. In this case, you should send the gift to the couple’s preferred address. This could mean their new home if they plan on moving, or even moving someone into the other’s place. Sending the gift to the preferred address will make it easier on them because you’re giving them an exciting box to unwrap instead of another box to pack.

ANSWER ALERT: It’s false! You absolutely do not have a full year after the wedding to send the couple their gift. Try to get it in the mail within 3 months of the wedding date. If you’re finding it hard to get a gift, give cash or a cash equivalent instead.

Buying a wedding gift

The gift of cash

Speaking of giving cash, this is a total no brainer, but picking the perfect time to give it can be tricky. You could always bring it to the wedding and put it in the card box. Doing this, you risk the chance of it getting lost in the fast-paced environment, or some sicko could steal it. Other, and safer, options for giving money could be picking a gift card for a retailer on the couple’s registry site. This is a good alternative to a bad gift or just cash. Another option could be contributing to the couple’s honeymoon fund, cash registry, or home improvement fund.

If there is one thing to take away from this article, it’s to get the gift early send it right away.

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