Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Okay, so you’re at the show, now what?  Don’t be afraid to use the word “NO”. Vendors are going to approach you, ask you opening questions and try to get you to sign up at their booth.  It is perfectly okay to tell a vendor “NO” if you are not interested.  They won’t take it personal and they will move onto the next person.  Going to every vendor one-by-one is extremely time consuming and will make the whole process overwhelming.

A useful tip to follow is, when a vendor you’re not interested in gives you a pamphlet, give it to one of the people you brought with you to put it in their bag.  When you find a vendor that you are interested in, put their pamphlet in your own “YES” bag.  Once you and your guests are leaving, have the others throw their bags away.  That way you will go home with vendors pamphlets that you actually want to look into and possibly book for the future instead of being overwhelmed by every single pamphlet.

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