Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

It goes without saying that planning your wedding can become one of the most stressful times in your life. You want everything to be exactly as you imagined, but you also want to be sure your guests enjoy themselves. Try trusting some people to help you with confident decision making.

Don’t Second Guess Yourself

Your wedding day is most important to two people only, you and your soon to be spouse. Choose the details and the styles that you like most and that will be true to your personalities. Trust your gut and don’t over think the details. Think about it, who is really going to remember what your centerpieces looked like or what floral arrangements you had.

Remember, you don’t have to try to please everyone!

Pros & Cons

Trust yourself and the decisions you make. Did you fixate on the cons list when you were deciding on your future spouse? Probably not! No one and nothing is perfect so make decisions based on what is right for you and what fits you and your spouse best for your Big Day.

Check in next week for more Wedding Planning Tips to help de-stress your upcoming Big Day!

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