Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Technology Advantages

Over the last few years technology has flourished in so many different ways. Technology Advantages can be a huge help when planning your wedding! Smart phones act as miniature computers and even personal assistants. Most phones have a plethora of versatile functionalities that are built into the device. Accessing information on the internet, especially when on the run, has never been easier or more convenient because of smartphone technology. This makes doing research and contacting vendors for your wedding less of a hassle when you can work on these things quickly and easily throughout the day, in between the busy parts of your schedule.

Helpful Apps

The notepad app is perfect for keeping all your notes in one place. Scheduling an appointment with vendors and venues can be kept organized through the calendar app. All smartphones have some version of it. You can even create alarms and reminders so you will never miss a beat!

Organizational Websites

Most people don’t realize the immense number of websites available to help with wedding planning. There are sites for calculating budgets, organizing seating charts, theme ideas and so much more! Use any search engine to find the most closely related sites that will be the useful to you.

Check in next week for more Wedding Planning Tips to help de-stress your upcoming Big Day!

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