Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Often, as a bride-to-be, you fall into the rabbit hole full of magazine articles, websites and pins with the “do’s and don’ts” of planning your big day. Keep in mind, these articles are full of wedding planning misconceptions and were written by journalists, not wedding professionals. A lot of times the suggestions given are outdated or simply incorrect. This month we want to focus our Wednesday Wedding Tip toward common wedding planning misconceptions. 

Many times you will see articles that suggest you should go see your DJ perform before you decide on hiring anyone. This is one of the huge wedding planning misconceptions that brides do not realize can be tricky. The bigger question is; where would you go to see this DJ and how will you know if he is fulfilling the clients requests? You may think that just going and standing in the corner awkwardly at a wedding the DJ has booked already will give you the answers you need in order to know if you should hire or not. Realistically, you will be going to someones’ private event, you may not be dressed properly and you are hoping to see weather or not this DJ will be a good fit for your 6 hour day based on the 15-30 minutes you were there.

You do not need to see your entertainer perform in order to decide on if they will be a good fit or not. Not only are you hoping to see your wedding in the future but you are expecting to see something amazing in the small amount of time that you are watching the DJ in action. You may see the DJ do the chicken dance and you know you absolutely do not want to have that at your wedding. Well remember, this is not your wedding. So now you leave thinking that is the only way the DJ can perform. Not true! Any professional DJ should be like a chameleon and be able to adapt in any situation.

It is best to trust the reputation of the company versus putting all of your trust in one individual entertainer. You may be thinking you want to know who will be the Master of Ceremonies for your big day but realistically, you have more security when you hire a company. This way your entertainer will not only have back-up equipment but there will also be back-up personnel. This security measure will guarantee that if your DJ had an accident or worse, your special day will not be affected!

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