Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we focused on the Top 10 reasons you should hire a professional vendor for your wedding day. Last week we covered why “Professional Equipment” and “Level of Commitment” are so important. If we have not already convinced you to hire a professional, this week we have the TOP 2 reasons why you definitely should use professional vendors for your upcoming wedding day!

#2: Experience

Now, we know you all expected experience to be the top reason to hire a professional. Believe it or not, there is something more important. You definitely do not want to be the guinea pig for a hobbyist to get a “first wedding” under their belt. We understand that everyone has to have a first wedding, but no one ever wants their wedding to be the first! Your DJ can become more comfortable and gain additional experience from a Sweet 16 or Corporate Event, but your wedding is far too important to have them mess it up. 

Do as much research as you can and ask other vendors about the vendor you hired. Anyone can create a website, put photos online and link reviews from past events, but doing your research will ensure that your vendor is telling you truths about their company and experience. The professional training your vendor has received should be adequate and have helped them build on the art they enjoy so much.

#1: Back-Up

Back-up equipment is always a necessity for any vendor. You have no way of knowing if the technology you are using will malfunction. Additionally, have you ever thought about what could happen the day of your wedding if any of your vendors have a death in the family, get sick or even encounter a car accident? We have. It is for that very reason why your vendor should have both back-up equipment and personnel from their company, not outsourced. This will guarantee the back-up personnel is familiar with the company policies and how to access all of the information you previously shared with your vendor about your wedding. The replacement should be able to jump into your big day without any notice and still make it memorable as though there were no hiccups along the way. You want to be sure to ask about back-up equipment as well. Not only should your vendor have back-up equipment on hand at your wedding but you also want to ensure that it has been maintained and in working condition. 

You have hired the professional based on their skill, experience and personality. You want to make sure that your wedding is something you and your guests will never forget. You only get one shot to create memories during your wedding day. If you choose to hire a hobbyist yes, you will most likely save money…but at what cost?!

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