Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we are focusing on the Top 10 reasons you should hire a professional vendor for your wedding day. Last week we covered why “Planning Tools and Professional Relationships” are so important. If we have not already convinced you to hire a professional, this week we have 2 NEW reasons why you definitely should use professional vendors for your upcoming wedding day!

#4: Professional Equipment

The equipment used by your professional should not be anything that your uncle or cousin got from Best Buy. Your professional vendors should be using professional quality equipment to perform. Your photographer and videographer should have the proper lenses to create different effects throughout the day. They should also be utilizing a professional grade camera instead of a consumer grade product. This will help avoid dark or blurred images or poor sound quality in recordings.

In order for equipment to maintain its quality it also needs to be cared for. That means proper maintenance on equipment as necessary. Your DJs equipment is no different. The equipment should not be anything you would use in your home to throw a party. The equipment should be comparable to what major recording artists use when they go on tour!

#3: Level of Commitment

When you hire a professional vendor, you are hiring someone who makes their craft their main business. Not someone who works in an office during regular business hours then tries to find time to commit to your event “when they can”. In order to accurately plan for any event you need adequate planning time. This means there may be the occasion where an event needs more attention then you initially thought it would.

When you are spending your money on wedding services you certainly do not want to play second fiddle to other obligations your vendor has. Hiring a professional will help to eliminate the doubt that your upcoming event is anything other than their main concern!

Be sure to stop back next week for more reasons on why hiring a professional vendor is necessary for your upcoming event! You only get one shot to create memories during your wedding day!

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