Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we are focusing on the Top 10 reasons you should hire a professional vendor for your wedding day. Last week we covered why “Reviews and Unprofessional Behavior” are so important. If we have not already convinced you to hire a professional, this week we have 2 NEW reasons why you definitely should use professional vendors for your upcoming wedding day!

#6: Planning Tools

Gone are the days that we use pencil and paper for anything. Most everything we do is electronic so why should your wedding planning be any different? Professional vendors want to do anything that will make your life easier. That includes having easy to use online planning forms available to you. For photographers and videographers this may mean an integrated list of locations on their website and for your DJ this would include a song database. These helpful custom forms will not only ensure that your vendors know the right order of events, but they will also make your wedding more successful by not front-loading your day. From experience, your professional vendors will be able to make suggestions on how to enhance your wedding day in ways that a hobbyist may not realize.

#5: Professional Relationships

Each of your hired professional vendors should be established within their field and have built relationships with other professional vendors and venues. Professionals acknowledge other professionals within their field and generally work well together. Image a team of hired professionals that have never worked together before working in sync during your wedding due to their mutual understanding of timing. They have the experience of working a variety of events and know what comes next or how to adapt to a variety of circumstances thrown at them by the client.

Maintaining professional relationships with venues is just as important. When venues are familiar with you, they know that you are insured from working with them previously. This means the venue will not be contacting the client looking for documents such as Certificate of Insurance or an Indemnity Clause. Known vendors are always welcomed at venues because they know what to expect with their setup, teardown and arrival timeline.

Be sure to stop back next week for more reasons on why hiring a professional vendor is necessary for your upcoming event! You only get one shot to create memories during your wedding day!


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