Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

This month we are focusing on the Top 10 reasons you should hire a professional vendor for your wedding day. Last week we covered why “Contracts & Insurance and Quality” are so important. If we have not already convinced you to hire a professional, this week we have 2 NEW reasons why you definitely should use professional vendors for your upcoming wedding day!

#8: Reviews

One of the best ways to judge the type of service you will receive from your wedding vendor is to read what past clients have to say about their wedding experience. Hiring a professional means that you should be able to access client reviews very easily. Most professional vendors have a website with real client testimonials.

Any friend of the family or hobbyist that you hire most likely will not have a website or anywhere online where they advertise their services. Which also means there is no place online where clients review their services. You have no way of knowing what kind of quality you will be receiving, how well (or not well) that vendor works with other vendors and most importantly, your guests!

If you ever you have a less than satisfying experience, a website where you can list a review is the best way to share your displeasure. Doing so can not only be helpful for any prospective clients but also other vendors and possibly even venues that are considering using their services.

#7: Unprofessional Behavior

Unprofessional behavior presented by anyone being paid to do a job during your wedding day is unacceptable. Your vendors should always have 100% of their focus on what is going on around them and how they can enhance the memories of your wedding. That being said, none of your wedding vendors should even consider having an alcoholic beverage during your special day! Sure, one beer probably will not change the creativity of the photographers shots or cause the DJ to incorrectly say the name of the mother of the groom; but is that really the image you want your hired professional to give about their company?

If you are feeling uneasy about broaching this topic with any of your vendors just be sure that you include a clause in your contract to ensure your vendor remains focused on the job and remains professional. Ultimately, the vendor is being paid for their professional services. Drinking during any job is far from professional!

Be sure to stop back next week for more reasons on why hiring a professional vendor is necessary for your upcoming event! You only get one shot to create memories during your wedding day!

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