Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Leading up to your Big Day you should be excited to have a relaxing trip with your new spouse after months and months of wedding planning. Often, Honeymoon Planning Tips will advise that you should not plan on leaving for that honeymoon too soon. If you think it is a good idea to leave for your honeymoon the day after your celebration, think again.

Catch your Breath

Give yourself some time to decompress before embarking on your dream vacation! You will be exhausted because of all of the activities from your Special Day. You do not want to have to miss out on any shenanigans the night of your wedding just because you have to be up for your flight in a few hours. Go home for a day or two and take it easy before you travel.

Travel Prep

Waiting a few days will give you time to rest so that you can enjoy each day of your Honeymoon. You do not want to waste a day of honeymooning because you need to catch up on sleep! Why overwhelm yourself with making sure that you have the essentials for your Wedding Day as well as having everything in line for your 7-14 day vacation?!

If your honeymoon plans mean traveling internationally, see if you can utilize the TSA pre-check. Going this route will help you avoid some of the hassle of security checks and expedite your travel time. With this, you also want to be extremely sure that you book all of your reservations in your current name, not you married name. This ensures that your passport and ID match your reservations.

Thank You

While you are sifting through your gifts, why not begin a list of what you have received and from who. This way, when you return from your honeymoon and begin getting back to your regular life you have already laid the groundwork towards getting out your thank you cards in a timely manner.

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