Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

We have had many couples over the years requesting our services for the New Year’s Eve Wedding Celebration they are planning. A lot of people think they want to get married on New Year’s Eve but fail to realize that vendors/venues can be double the rate on this holiday. Although you will not have to compete with other couples wanting to wed on the same day, you may have to compete with your guests having other plans to bring in their New Year.


Most DJs are going to charge more for this day because quite frankly, they are not at a loss for work on this day. If you are looking for additional lighting, a photo booth or monogram try to negotiate those services into your final cost to help negate the added holiday rate.


When you begin budgeting for your New Year’s Eve wedding, be sure to pay close attention to staffing and labor costs. Once the clock strikes midnight your rates could double or you will at least have to pay “time and a half” for your staff. Just keep in mind that you are taking your staff away from their family and friends on a holiday to accommodate your wedding, which is never a problem, but they have to be compensated appropriately for their time. You simply cannot expect to pay them the same rate as if you were paying for Saturday date in August. Try negotiating a flat rate instead of an hourly rate if the venue/vendor does not choose to absorb the added labor costs that go with caterers/laborers. Some venues staff via a union and any union rates cannot be avoided. If that is the case, do not even waste your time going back and forth with them on this idea.


Depending on what day of the week New Year’s Eve falls on you may be able to get away from an added holiday fee. If New Year’s Eve falls during the week instead of a holiday surcharge you may be able to get away with having your weekday wedding for the cost of a weekend wedding. Yes, still more than you may have expected, but not so outrageous due to the holiday.


This can get tricky because you want your formals taken before it gets dark, but you also want to be sure your photographers are there to capture the excitement of bringing in the New Year surrounded by your loved ones. You may not have to pay an added surcharge due to the holiday, but you may still incur additional fees just for the fact that your photography will have a longer day than a usual wedding day.

There are several ways to make your wedding fun and exciting without doubling the cost. This Wedding Tip is not being shared because we want to deter you from planning the wedding of your dreams. We just want to help ease the “sticker shock” for those couples that do not realize the price differences for holidays. Ideally, if funds are already tight when you are planning your wedding celebration, then this may not be the date you want to book because additional costs can come from any direction!

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