Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Bridal shows do not always have to be an overwhelming experience. If you are a prepared bride you should be able to navigate through the vendors with ease. Most times, a positive experience at a bridal show requires some planning beforehand.

Be Prepared

If you have already begun requesting information from vendors then I am sure you know how your email inbox can fill up pretty quickly. Consider creating an email account specifically for wedding details. This way you will not be hesitant to check your personal email daily.

Share your Contact Info

During the bridal show, it is very common for vendors to request your contact information. This way they will be able to add you to their system and follow up with after the show. Some vendors may ask you to enter your info into their computer, other vendors may ask you to handwrite your information. Some bridal shows have over 150 vendors, who has time to spend most of their day writing their contact information? Save yourself the time and hassle of this daunting task and create information labels. Nothing fancy, just a simple information card you’re your name, email address, phone number and your wedding date.

Make a Game Plan

Know what vendors you are looking to hire so that you can do your research on the vendors attending the bridal show. This will give you a better idea on who is there as an entertainer, florist, bakery, etc. You can also map out what booths you would like to visit. This way you would maximize your time during the show and avoid the vendor booth you are not interested in.

Efficient Organization

Create a system for filing all of the information you will receive. Each vendor has a brochure, business card or sample they will want to share with you. To make things easier for you when you get home, simply place the information you receive from the vendors you like in one bag and the information from the others in another bag. This way, when you are going through all of the information later you will not have to try to remember who was with what company, what they had to offer and if you liked them or not.

Plan to Book 

If you can, plan on booking your vendors at the bride show. Many times, vendors offer deals and specials that they may not usually offer. Be sure to bring any “decision makers” with you to the bride show. This way they can ask any additional questions before they write the check or swipe their card. If you plan on booking at the show you may be able to receive some additional savings that you did not expect.

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