Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When you attend a bridal show you want to be sure that the people you ask to attend serve a purpose. Everyone is going to have an opinion, but does their opinion matter in all areas? Will they be helping to pay any fees or take the time to organize or be hands on with planning? If the answer is no then you may not want to invite them with you to the bridal show.

Who Should Go

Try to bring people with you that will help with the decision-making. You want friends/family who can help give insight on ideas and maybe ask some questions or include details you forgot to! Also, if your parents will be footing the bill on some vendors then you may want them to join you so that they are able to grab first hand knowledge from the vendors directly.

What To Bring

Not much, you will be on information overload! Take it all home, process it all, and start making some ‘Pro & Con’ lists to help with your decision making!

When Should You Go

It is ideal to start planning anywhere from 1-2 years in advance, if possible. Give yourself (and your bridal party) as much time to plan the perfect wedding day for you and your fiancé!

How Many People Should Join You

Even if you have a large bridal party, it may not be necessary to invite them all. You shouldn’t feel obligated to have someone join you at a bridal show just because they are in your bridal party. Some of your bridal party will have more time available then others. Some will have planned and/or been to a wedding previously. These will be the people helpful when attending a bridal show.

Try to keep things as simple as possible. You will be making a lot of decisions when it comes to executing your Big Day so try to enjoy it as much as you can!

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