Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Now that you have done the necessary steps to get prepared for your bridal show experience it is time to go and enjoy yourself! You are already in for a fairly long day; do not make yourself any more miserable then you have to be.

What to Wear

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and check your coat so that you can have the ultimate experience during this long day. You will be viewing photo albums, trying food samples as well as simply talking and interacting with various vendors. Think of these as preventative measure to ensure that you will enjoy your bridal show event.

What you Need

Bridal Shows in itself can be an overwhelming time, especially if you go to a larger show but this is what you have prepared for. You know what vendors you are looking to book; you should also by now know what vendors will be at the bridal show you are attending. Knowing what to expect is half of the battle and with that being said you can enjoy yourself at these shows just a bit more because you are focused!

What to Do

Be sure to stay in touch with vendors you are interested in. This way the vendor can put a hold on your date and ensure that you have the time that you need to make a sound decision on the vendors for your wedding day. You may also be able to still take advantage of any Show Deals & Discounts that may have been offered during the bridal show.

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