Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Whether it’s through photos or videos, what do you do if there is No Work Gallery? Wherever you go, there are good eggs and bad eggs. More than likely, this is your first wedding and you’ve never had to deal with event vendors before. That means it’s vitally important for you to do your research to determine what makes a good vendor, or you’ll be left with that bad egg! This week’s tip is all about a lacking work gallery! 

No Work Samples? What’s That MEAN?

How can you pick a vendor if you can’t see any of their work? Especially their RECENT work? It’s 2020. We can’t expect all vendors to have a hefty sample of recent work, simple because there WERE almost no events this year! That being said, any professional, trustworthy company is going to have work samples from previous years. Don’t dismiss those! Across the board, this is what vendors are going to be showing off since their 2020 events were postponed or cancelled.

How Can You Compare Vendors Then?

What’s their social media look like? When’s the last time they posted? Consistent posting, especially if paired with past or present work examples, is a smart sign that the company is still in business and is thriving.

Companies are always going to be proud to show off their work. Their website and social media pages should be full of references so that you can visualize what your wedding will look like. If this is not the case, think twice about pursuing the vendor.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re comparing vendors, and you’ll be able to visualize your wedding through their work examples!

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