Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

When you begin planning the details of your wedding, you rarely think about how poor planning can result in wedding photography mistakes. All of the timing and planning details need to come together to magically create this wonderful occasion! In order to have memorable photos, you have to make sure you give your photographer enough time to get great shots. When you do not plan for a long enough day it makes an already quick day even more rushed and applies pressure in other areas. Your photographer expects to have all of the special dances and important shots done before their time is complete.

If you are looking at only booking your photographer for an 8-hour day then you may have to sit and consider what pictures are important to you. Getting ready shots may be important because of who was by your side that day but your formal shots are just as important. Generally, there are about 2-3 hours of dancing at a wedding reception. Your photographer does not have to be there for that entire part of the evening. Most activities can be completed within an hour and a half once dinner is complete. By then, the photographer has captured your first dance, cake cutting and other special dances. This also allows for time to get some great action shots once dancing begins.

When you do not allow enough time for these activities to be photographed it applies more pressure to your DJ/band. They are now expected to rush through the timeline. This can result in screwing something up just to ensure that those shots not to be missed aren’t, well…missed. Just imagine something has your day running half an hour behind. Now you are trying to get through your meet and greet as quickly as possible but you want the DJ to wait before the mother/son dance. Well if time is running short for your photographer that means the photographer is going to try pressure the DJ to rush you through the meet and greet just because they cannot or you do not want them to go into overtime. Poor planning with something like this can result in your photos not being complete.

With such a long day you want to also be sure to have a meal available for your photographer during dinner. Just because you hired them for a service does not mean that they cannot sit and eat for 15-20 minutes while your guests are eating as well. During this time there will not be too many shots taken because let’s face it, who wants shots of Uncle Don stuffing his face?! If you think about the average workday you get at least an hour break during an 8-hour day. Your photographer is not asking for anything close to that but make sure there is a hot meal available so that they can continue to take great photos for your big day!

Don’t let poor planning make bad memories. Take the time to sit and discuss these details with your photographer and band/DJ as well. Everyone should be on the same page to make sure you have a night to remember!

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