Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

After the night of your life is over, the job of a videographer is still not complete! With the preparation phase and work day complete, the videographer has already put around 50 hours into the event. The next step in a videographer’s process would be to go through all of the footage of the evening. This is done in the post-production phase. This aspect will add at least another 40-80 hours onto their schedule.


Going through the footage of two videographers is very time consuming, but it must be done to see everything they have to work with. It can be quite difficult to coordinate all of the footage from several videographers because they each have their own vision for every shot. As a professional, this is something they deal with a lot so hiring the right videographer is key in this situation. Reviewing all of the footage allows them to see all of the different angles and techniques they used during filming. Videographers can examine how the lighting in each shot looks and are able to decide which shots turned out best. They can also decide where and how to incorporate each clip into the final product. This sparks the videographers’ creativity and gives them ideas for how to compile the video. If the bride and groom have a request for a cinematic technique, this will give the videographer a great place to start. A professional videographer will ensure seamless transitions throughout the video. They will have the knowledge and software to include creative effects that makes each video personalized for each bride and groom to enjoy.


Now what’s life without music?! Videographers are also responsible for the music in the video as well. A videographer has to take into consideration the copyrights of the music they intend to use. They need to stay educated on the laws and regulations when adding music to their videos. A videographer has to listen to and edit the sound that is recorded during the wedding as well. Capturing good sound levels for things like toasts and speeches are extremely important aspects to incorporate. The finished video will typically be a 10-15-minute highlight reel of the entire day with smooth edits, good sound levels, and awesome music. Most professionals will offer a round of revisions, so the client can be a part of the post production process!

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