Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Value of Time

Time is money. Understanding the value of time with anything in life is important. A videographer is hired for an average of eight hours to capture the full day. Just like the preparation phase, there is extra time they need to invest with each event. These hours sometimes go unnoticed because the clients’ main concern is the time invested during their wedding. It is a good idea to be aware of everything that a videographer does so you can better understand the pricing.

Work Day

The work day for a videographer begins with capturing everyone when they are getting ready. This allows them to capture candid moments before the ceremony. This is then followed by attending the ceremony and reception. These are the hours that the price is based around. This is not when their day actually starts though. Time is needed for the videographer to get ready for the wedding. They still need to get dressed up in formal attire and look professional, so they do not stick out negatively. Travel time also needs to be considered, especially if the venue of the wedding is far away. If the ceremony and reception are in two different places, extra travel time is needed for that as well. Events that have two videographers, which is usually the case, requires both of them to invest this extra time as well.

After capturing all of the best moment of the wedding, the videographers’ day is still not over! They will usually touch base with the newly-weds and reiterate their next steps for the footage. After they consult with their clients, they now have to pack up all of their equipment and get ready for the drive home. As you can see, there are several hours a videographer invests on top of their typical work day. Their time is very valuable. With a job that is not a steady, it adds extra challenges when trying to make a living. So, it is important to appreciate how a videographer conducts their business.

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