Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

One of the most important days of your life is your wedding. Many people dream about this day their whole life. Being able to capture this day on film is a luxury some people don’t think they need. But new technology has made this almost a necessity for weddings! Capturing these moments with loved ones is priceless when looking back in hindsight. It is important to understand the value that a professional videographer/cinematographer can bring to your wedding. There are a lot of factors that a videographer juggles when performing a task like wedding videography/cinematography. Preparation for the wedding is a crucial first step for the videographer.

Unseen Preparation

There are several unseen duties a professional videographer performs when planning for each event. Normally it takes around 30-40 hours of preparation before they even arrive at the wedding. This time is not included directly in their price but is a necessary step that a professional has to take. The main part of the preparation phase is contacting the client. Setting up a time to meet in person creates a more personal connection with the future bride and groom. This gives the opportunity to discuss the specific wants and needs they have for their wedding. Professional videography/cinematography usually includes two videographers, therefore organizing time where everyone can meet is imperative.

Venue Research

Preparation also includes researching and visiting the venue. Doing so allows the videographer to brainstorm ideas for different shots and angles to incorporate. They will also be able to find out the best lighting areas at the venue. This lets them to decide if they need to bring extra lighting equipment. Professional videographers will also reach out to the other vendors that will be working at the wedding. They will call the photographer to discuss the timeline with them. This gives them the opportunity to coordinate with each other, so they do not get in the way of one another. They will also reach out to the entertainment, such as the DJ, to determine what connectors they may need to bring. This allows them to pick up clean direct sound for the video.

Equipment Check

Another part of the preparation process after everything is booked and discussed would be to check their equipment. Professional videographers always double check on their equipment before each event to make sure everything is working properly. Expensive equipment should be cared for properly, but that does not stop problems from occurring. So, testing out equipment is also crucial for wedding videography preparation. This is also a point in the preparation stage where they organize the back-up equipment they will bring with them. Professional videographers will also make sure they have back-up personnel for every single event to further prepare for any other issues that may occur.

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