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Pro Hair Tips

Our wedding tips this month have been full of incredible Health and Beauty tips for your wedding! We have been featuring industry professionals to give you tips straight from the best of the best. At the beginning of the month we provided tips from Danielle Mock from Mock Makeup LLC. The second half of the month we have been talking to Justine Lynn from Beauty Justified. The topic from last week, she answered common beauty questions her clients have asked her for their wedding. This week Justine is going to focus on Pro Hair Tips for your wedding day and what you can to do prepare for your appointment.

Hair Demo

You need to make sure you are properly prepared for your hair demo so nothing can get in the way of communicating your desired look to your hair stylist. Justine stresses to make sure you come with your hair clean and blown out. You want to give your stylist a blank canvas to start with. They will use their own products to fit the style you are looking for so do not put in your own products before your demo.

Hair Extensions

Justine is often approached about hair extensions and if she thinks brides truly need them on their wedding day. She thinks they are great if they are necessary to achieve the desired hair style. Every Client is different, so she likes to decide what someone needs and customize their process accordingly. She may suggest full extensions or hair fillers to get the desired look. Justine recommends the clip in extensions for your wedding day because they won’t cause any damage to your natural hair and you can put them in and take them out as you please.

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