Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Common Beauty Questions Answered

This month we have been sharing Health and Beauty tips from actual industry professionals! This week we are featuring Justine Lynn from Beauty Justified. She is going to provide tips from common beauty questions brides ask about skin care and makeup for their wedding! She is also going to talk about her favorite skin care products and what she recommends for brides on their wedding day!

Skin Care Products

Taking care of your skin is always important, but for wedding it is CRUCIAL. Justine recommends the Mario Badescu travel size skin care kit, it has all of the skin care necessities you will need for under thirty dollars! This company has several lines to choose from so you can customize the products to fit your skin care needs. Justine also recommends that you keep this kit in your shower so you will always have it handy when you need to cleanse your skin.

To Tan or Not to Tan

Justine receives a lot of questions regarding her opinion on getting a tan for your wedding. She prefers a bride in her natural skin because to her that is the most beautiful! But for those who love the summer time glow, she recommends not going any darker than one or too shades from their natural skin tone!

Eye Lash Extensions

The next topic Justine discusses is Eye Lash Extensions. A lot of people ask if they should get eye lash extensions or just use the one time use false lashes. She prefers to apply false eye lashes the day of a wedding because they will look the freshest this way. Choosing to go this route will save you the trouble of worrying about sleeping on extensions and keeping them from getting ruined leading up to your wedding day. The individual lashes or the strip one time use lashes give more lift and depth than eye lash extensions.

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