Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Health & Beauty

August is the month where we talk about everything health and beauty. Danielle Mock has graced us with wonderful information about skin care for your wedding last week. We have her starring in this weeks blog once again! The newest topic in health and beauty for your wedding is how to prepare for your Bridal Trial! Danielle chose this topic because she thinks it is an important step to prepare for when planning your wedding.

Prepare for your Bridal Trial

What is a bridal trial? This is where you test the make-up and hair styles you would like to have at your wedding. Doing this gives you the opportunity to adjust the look to be exactly what you’ve always dreamed of! Danielle recommends going to your trial with a clean and fresh face so your makeup artist will have a clean slate to work with. This will also save time because the makeup artist won’t have to worry about cleansing your face and skin. It is also helpful to the makeup artist to moisturize properly before your consultation.

Seeing a client’s face completely bare and free of makeup will allow the artist to gauge the style of makeup that will look best with each client. To prepare for your bridal trial, make sure to research pictures for colors, styles, and products you would like to use. The more information you give your makeup artist the more they will be able to understand the look you are going for.

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