Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

To understand industry standard pricing it may be helpful to know the difference between a professional entertainer and a hobbyist.


A professional entertainer is an expert in their field. They are certified or have a degree that exhibits their talents. They provide talent and proof of commitment by the time and money they have invested into becoming a professional of their craft. Professionals also have higher level of experience that they bring to the table. Experience is important because talent only goes so far. Experience equates to knowledge and knowledge is what counts when it comes to troubleshooting problems, understanding equipment, signal flow, etc.

A hobbyist does a job on the side for pleasure or as a hobby. Meaning that the job is not a top priority. A hobbyist is generally a one-man show. This can be a bad idea because what is their backup plan in the event of some unforeseen instance? What happens in the event of an accident, food poisoning or even a death in the family? You can’t simply invite your guests back next weekend so having a firm backup plan as well as backup equipment is crucial.


To achieve a successful wedding reception goes far beyond showing off your equipment and how loud your sound system can get. Not only do you want to be sure that you have a contract with clear expectations for both parties for your event you also want to be certain your entertainer has proper insurance coverages. Some venues require both liability and workers compensation insurance in order to perform. Having this insurance will cover you as well in the event that someone gets hurt you will not be liable for any damages that may occur during the evening.


Hiring a company comprised of professionals guarantees you are paying for commitment and success. Full time entertainment companies provide contracts, backup equipment and personnel as well as proper insurance. The company will have paid staff on call so there is always a professional entertainer available for your booked event. They also have backup equipment on site just in case of any sudden issues. Hiring someone dedicated to the success of your event is far more inviting then someone who only has time for your event after they complete their 9-5 job. Be sure to ask questions and do your fact finding before making a final decision on your wedding entertainment.

Check in with us next week to grab more budgeting tips for planning your upcoming wedding!

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