Reception Ideas 2.0: The Date Night Jar

Looking for a cute idea for your reception? Your guests can have some fun and leave a lasting impact on your new marriage by trying out the Date Night Jar idea! Set a specific location, possibly near the entrance of the venue or by the dessert table, to set up your Date Night Jar. Then put out a big jar, decorated to your wedding’s theme, some pens, and a bunch of large popsicle sticks! Your guests can then take a popsicle stick, or maybe even two, and leave suggestions for your upcoming date nights as a newly wedded couple!

Your guests can suggest places to go, restaurants to eat at, and sights to see, and they can even include specific price points to stay within! For example, a guest could possibly suggest their favorite restaurant for you to visit while keeping it under $40, a new movie for you to see, or even to visit a place they would love to have you see. Then, whenever you and your partner decide you want to go on a date, but aren’t sure what to do or where to go, just pick a popsicle stick out of the jar and get going on your next adventure!

Including this Date Night Jar idea into your wedding reception is something simple and easy to do! Having small, easy to do activities for your reception can help take it to the next level by keeping your attendees entertained! Not only will your guests feel more involved in your activities beyond the reception, but you as a new couple will have some great new ideas for how you can spend your time together!

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