Wenning’s Wedding Tip Wednesday

Are you looking for inspiration for your Wedding Reception to ensure it doesn’t become too stale? The goal is to ensure you and your guests have a memorable time. There are many different ways you can put a modern twist on the traditional Wedding Reception. One such idea is Bride & Groom Trivia aka The Wedding Shoe Game.

The goal is to see who knows their partner the best and get a few good laughs in the process.

Have the Bride and Groom swap one of their shoes for their partner’s shoes. This will be used to determine who the question/answer, applies to best, while playing.

Come up with a set a questions prior to the reception, that you could ask, during the game.

Example: Who is the better cook? Who takes all the blankets at night? Who is a bigger baby when he/she is sick?

Have the Bride and Groom sit back-to-back so they are unable to see what option their spouse selects. This is where it can get interesting. The goal is to be in alignment, however, where is the fun in that? When the answers are different, sit back, laughs are sure to ensue.

This can take as long as you want. So if you aren’t looking to play for more than 5-10 minutes that’s fine too. You don’t want to keep people off the dance floor too long.

Food for thought, as you start planning, your Big Day!

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