Why You Need the Communal Table

Today we are discussing a new trend, the communal table, perfect for your smaller, intimate sized wedding.

All month long we will be discussing tips for selecting seating arrangements to help layout and explain how to seat guests at your wedding.

This week we will be talking about communal tables.  There are a lot of newer trends to consider depending on the size of your wedding and communal tables can be a really neat element to add to your special day. Having a good reception layout is an important factor to your wedding that many people often overlook , so if your wedding is more intimate in size, this tip will keep you from passing up on a great layout idea for your reception.

These are very long cool tables that everyone gets to sit around to break bread and have a great time.  Communal tables are a great alternative to traditional table settings for small, intimate weddings. This ensures that all your wedding guests feel that they are actually apart of the wedding. Single’s tables are outdated, and communal tables allow everyone to be involved in the reception dinner.

Making a seating chart in advance will help reduce your guest’s anxiety of trying to find a seat.  When you visit your wedding venue, get an idea of how you would to set up everything and bring it up to the coordinator.  Meet with the venue coordinator to discuss what they think would be an appropriate seating layout for what works best.   They are professionals and have done multiple weddings so don’t be afraid to ask for advice on what to do.  Take in consideration the relationships of people and who they sit next to.

Communal Tables are perfect for weddings that are smaller than the national average.  Go with something new and trendy and try out the communal tables!


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