Post-Wedding Presents

Want to show your bridal party some love? Gift them a present that will be meaningful and personal!

All month long we will be discussing tips for selecting your Bridal Party to help make one of the most important decision about your wedding.

This week we will be talking about showing your bridal party some love following your special day. Your bridal party had been there by your side through the entire wedding process, so a great way to show them that you appreciate their support is by gifting them a personal post-wedding present.

Be sure to get them something that is going to be memorable and especially meaningful to each member of your party. Giving a personal and meaningful gift will always remind your bridal party members that they were a part of your special day.

Doing this will show them that you appreciate all that they did to make you happy. Keep in mind that they took numerous hours and spent their own money to be a part of your wedding, so giving back to them is an important aspect of the wedding process. Bridal party members who had to travel long distances, take time off of work, and spend large sums of money to be a part of your special day deserve some extra recognition and love in return.

The price range that is usually spent on these gifts is anywhere from $75 to $150. Common post-wedding present ideas include tickets for concerts or sporting events, jewelry such as watches or necklaces, a small getaway, or even high-end alcohol. There is no right or wrong decision for post-wedding presents for your bridal party, it all depends on what that specific person is into.

Ultimately, you know your bridal party better than anyone else, so selecting the post-wedding gifts that are best for each member should be a piece of cake!

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