Beware of the Cookie Cutter Bridesmaid

It’s important to keep your bridal party happy and comfortable by letting them dress for their body type!

All month long we will be discussing tips for selecting your Bridal Party to help you make one of the most important decisions about your wedding.  This week we are giving you a few great recommendations for your wedding.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Let your bridal party dress for their body type. Not every member of your party will have the same size and shape, and only they know what dress type works best for their body. You wouldn’t want any member to feel uncomfortable in their dress, so letting them choose their style of dress will ensure everyone is comfortable and happy in their dress.

Pick out a color and make sure everyone is in the same color scheme. Matching colors is far more important than matching dress styles. People will notice mismatched colors before they notice anything else. It would be very noticeable in wedding photos if any members of the bridal party are not in the same color scheme, so keeping dresses in the same scheme is an important factor to have in mind.

When picking out accessories, search for something that is modestly priced. Keep in mind that your bridal party will most likely only wear these accessories once. Having accessories that look great in photos but won’t break the bank is going to save your bridal party from shelling out more cash than necessary.

Remember, even though they are in your wedding, their entitled to their own opinions as to what type of dress they should wear. Being a stickler about what color to wear along with the dress shape will just create more stress so stay with the basics.

Remember to keep the same color scheme, find modestly-priced accessories that look great in photos, and let your party dress for their own bodies.


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