Skip the Singles Table

Singles tables are awkward and outdated! Here are some tips on how to properly seat singles!

All month long we will be discussing tips for selecting seating arrangements to help layout and explain how to seat guests at your wedding.

This week we will be talking about how and where to seat singles at your reception party!

Let’s start with talking about the elephant in the room, the singles tables.  This is a very difficult part of seating for your reception.  How do you include these people without making them feel isolated from everyone else?  You want to try your best to make them feel as least uncomfortable as possible.

Try to find another way of integrating singles into another table without making it obvious.  Seat them with people that may have the same interests, or age groups.  Maybe they already know people there so it would be easy to squeeze them into that table.  Keep in mind, just because they are single, does not mean that they have to sit with other singles.  Having an all singles table may make them feel left out or that they are the extras at the reception.

Everyone already knows who is single there anyway, so don’t make them feel even more uncomfortable sitting them isolated from the other guests.  As soon as Beyonce’s “single ladies” comes on, they are going to be out on the dance floor anyway!  If they are looking to find a match, they will do it that way on the dance floor. They won’t be doing it sitting at an all singles table.

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