Pros of the Reception Seating Chart

Here are some pros of having a reception seating chart!  An absolute must for your special day!

All month long we will be discussing tips for selecting seating arrangements to help layout and explain how to seat guests at your wedding.

This week we will be talking about the advantages of having a pre-planned reception party seating chart.

There are multiple pros as to why you should have a reception party seating chart.  Planning everything out in advance will help alleviate the stress when it comes time for the big day. First figure out where everyone is going to sit and who should sit next to each other. Some good advice would be to not place people at the same table that are known to have a prior history. For example, you don’t want to put your dad’s new girlfriend at the same table as your mother.  Even though you want to put your parents at the same table to be close to you, this is recipe for disaster and can be planned out differently. There is plenty of space to sit everyone accordingly without any problems.

Keep this in mind also, if a table seats eight, it is okay to put seven or even six guests at that table.  It doesn’t have to be even across the board, just makes sure that it looks somewhat even and makes sense.  Don’t have one side of the reception packed with people leaving the other side looking bare. This will allow your reception dinner to be filled with all your guests celebrating your wedding without any drama taking place.  Just make sure that everyone is having a good time and that it is memorable.

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