Reception Tips 2.0: Realtime Reception Scrapbook

Friends and family know that your wedding day is one of the best memories you will ever make. However, don’t forget about all of the memories you’ve created with them leading up to your big day. A unique and fun way to keep your guests engaged at the reception is to incorporate a Realtime Reception Scrapbook. This way, they are encouraged to help compile your precious memories.

Provide your guests all the supplies needed, such as pens, paper and, of course, the scrap book. Be sure to let your guests know before hand to bring something that they may want to include. Guests can bring items such as pictures or ticket stubs. This way, doing this may evoke feelings of a shared past. One by one, everyone will begin to assemble their memories. Slowly you will be able to see all the great times you’ve had leading up to your wedding day.

In addition to pictures, tickets, and other scrap book material, encourage your guests to write down stories they may have of you and your spouse. Furthermore, they can include drawings, art, and even notes of inspiration for your new marriage. Looking back on these messages and drawings months and even years after your big day will remind you of your best friendships, your family members, and how your relationship started.

We are currently in a time when all pictures and other memories are online, or digital. There is never anything like physically holding your memories in your hand. Whether it’s that photo of your high school dance, or ticket from the time you went to your favorite concert, your newly compiled scrapbook will include all your memories to hold in your hands. This is a perfect way to reminisce and share joy when first looking through what everyone included. Simply including the Realtime Reception Scrapbook at your wedding will not only engage the audience but allow lifelong stories to be told.

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